Our Activities:

Since the beginning, Optima Foundation has carried out many activities to enhance the quality of life among underprivileged children around the world.  While providing the short term support in terms of food, clothing, and educational needs such as books and stationery, Optima Foundation has been mindful of the medium to long term needs of the children.

Therefore, Optima Foundation had initiated many developmental activities to include study skills, learning skills, and life skills. These activities take place in the children’s homes and children’s development centers.

While funds are needed to support the children’s needs, Optima Foundation also relies on volunteers for the knowledge transfer activities. Hence, Optima Foundation has worked independently and jointly with individuals and other organisations to relieve poverty among children.

Since the beginning, Optima Foundation has supported more than 10,000 children in countries such as Bosnia, Isle of Man, Romania, Sri Lanka, UK, and Ukraine (Chernigov Region).

We are marching on!
Enabling children to excel by disabling their limitations!