• Optima Foundation exists to provide underprivileged children the necessary support in their own self-development so that they will, in turn, become the guiding light for future generations. AAA
  • Whilst alleviating the physical hunger among the underprivileged children, Optima Foundation shall actively pursue to support the children in knowledge creation, skills development, and good citizenship.
  1. To act as an apolitical and non-sectarian body, reaching out to those children in need beyond a single, national jurisdiction
  2. To promote “self-worth” of individual children via providing activities and learning opportunities
  3. To provide food, medical and nutritional support, and psychological care to the children in need
  4. To provide basic essentials to children in need, so that they can maintain their human dignity
  5. To provide learning aids and educational books to enhance the educational achievements
  6. To instill ‘self-sustainability’ and ‘environmental considerations’ in children’s homes and centres
  7. To work with governmental and non-governmental organisations in promoting child-welfare initiatives
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Optima Foundation shall adhere to the common thread (human values) that underpins all faiths, namely Love, Peace, Truth, Right Conduct, and Non Violence. 

Thus, Optima Foundation shall carry out its activities, rising above any social barriers resulting from gender, race, class, religious affiliation, and physical or mental limitations of individuals.

As the welfare of children is paramount, Optima Foundation shall focus on the outcomes first and organise its operations within the short, medium and long term deliverables. These deliverables are subject to Optima Foundation receiving necessary financial and human resources. A

In the short and medium term, Optima Foundation shall:
  • Sponsor feeding programs for children in need
  • Provide educational resources and support for self-development
  • Provide personal resources to maintain human dignity
  • Provide counselling to alleviate trauma or distress
  • Promote good citizenship and moral conduct
  • Sponsor infrastructure developments to enhance the quality of life among children
In the long term, Optima Foundation shall:
  • Establish skills development and self-reliance among young adults via integrated, self-sustaining farms and other forms of craftsmanship projects
  • Establish knowledge development and knowledge transfer “hubs”
  • Promote the concept of “Human Values” in achieving equality and diversity
  • As a micro-size organisation with less than £5,000 per year income, Optima Foundation is currently not classified as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) by the Charity Commission for England and Wales.
  • However, for processing Gift Aid in the UK and for conformity, our HMRC Registration Reference is: EW38062.